PlantWare Services within the Power Business

PlantWare is specialized within

  • Waste Incineration
  • Sludge Incineration
  • Biomass Incineration
  • Power Plants (Utility)
  • Power Plants (Industry)
  • FGD-Plants (Mitsubishi)
  • FGD-Plants (Chiyoda CT-121)
  • HRSG Plants

We can help our clients throughout the projects from basic design and feasibility studies to finished detailed mechanical design. When entering into detailed design PlantWare can help our clients with 

  • Piping (EN 13480 (Industrial Piping), EN 12952 (Boiler Piping) for water, steam, condensate, n-gas, oil and other utility systems.
  • Flange Calculations acc. EN 1591
  • Pipe Stress / flexibility Calculation (EN 13480 or ASME (B31.1; B31.3; B31.4 and B31.8))
  • Steelwork / Structural (EUROCODE)
  • Platforms (EUROCODE)
  • Access stairs and ladders (EUROCODE)
  • Ducting for Air and flue gas plus ducting for FGR, OBA, OFA nozzles in the Boiler.
  • Pipe support
  • Pressure Vessels (EN 13445) 
  • Equipment Specification - Axial flow fans, Dampers & Isolators, Centrifugal fans, Pumps etc.
  • Material Handling - Conveyer, pneumatic transport etc.
  • Piping for Coal - From coal mill to burner 
  • Sound & Vibration - Engineering, specification and final measurements

We use state of tha art software for engineering of piping within the power business:

  • AVEVA PDMS for 3D modelleing and generation of fabrication drawings.
  • ROHR2 for pipe flexibility
  • CONVAL for dimensioning of control valves
  • PIPE-FLO for overall sizing of the piping and pums.
  • DYN3D for FEM Analysis
  • TEKLA for steel detailing
  • SOLIDWORKS for engineernig of equipment.

We use our engineering tools and databases for making necessary documentation like

  • PFD Process Flow Diagrams
  • PID Pipe and Instrumentation diagram
  • Civil Engineering Load schemas and load plans
  • Electrical, Mechanical and Process Engineering (List Electrical Consumers, List of Mechanical Components etc.)
  • IQ & OQ Schemes
  • Maintenance Schemas with export to Client Maintenance System
  • Lubrication Schemas with export to Client Maintenance System

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